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Jumbord™ - Expandable Travel Bag

Midnight Black
Mint Green
"This bag is the perfect extra bag to pack in your suitcase for the inevitable extras you pick up while traveling. Bag weighs next to nothing, takes up very little space and yet holds a large amount of stuff! And it is stylish enough that I will use it as an "overnight" and weekend bag for quick travels as well. Bag is well constructed and holds up in the laundry. I've been impressed!! Go get them girls!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Ivy Pameson
✅ Verified Buyer

Travelling provides an opportunity to break away from the routine and experience new places, cultures, and adventures.  However, despite the relaxation and excitement that traveling brings, packing can be a challenging process. Due to the limited space, determining what to include and what to leave behind becomes a process of prioritization and practicality.
Jumbord™ features both luggage sleeve and expandable functionality that effortlessly increases storage capacity and convenience, ensuring a seamless travel experience. The additional compartments enhance organization of items while ensuring an efficient packing and unpacking. Embark on travels with a renewed sense of ease and comfort with Jumbord™!



✅ CONVENIENT TRAVEL: The luggage sleeve of Jumbord™ allows it to be slipped over the handles of luggage, effectively creating a single unit that's easier to maneuver. It provides a seamless transition between various travel situations.
FLEXIBLE PACKING CAPACITY: Jumbord™ can be expanded in size when there is a need for more space and compress when there are fewer items. This ensures that it is always a suitable size for the amount of belongings needed for travel.


✅ ENHANCEMENT OF ORGANIZATION: Jumbord™ has additional pockets and compartments that can accommodate items when it is in the expanded mode. The extra compartments further categorize belongings and makes it a breeze to find items. 

EFFICIENT USE OF SPACE: When not expanded, Jumbord™ can be zipped up to its regular size. This saves valuable space and is especially advantageous in crowded areas, like airports or public transportation.

✅ ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Jumbord™is elevated by its skillfully crafted stitching and waterproof functionality. These two aspects work in synergy to withstand the rigors of various environmental conditions.


We understand how challenging it can be when it comes to packing for a trip. Spending hours in front of the open suitcase to figure out what to bring can indeed be a struggle. Studies show that 61% of the US population dedicates a significant amount of time to simply deciding what items to include in their luggage.

Thankfully, Jumbord™ guarantees a smooth travel journey with its innovative combination of luggage sleeve and expandable features. The large storage compartments elevate item organization and makes your travel essentials effortlessly accessible. With Jumbord™, you are getting a travel companion that's designed to elevate your every adventure.


Product Size: 41 cm (L) X 27 cm (H) X 22 cm (W) 

Capacaity: 20-35 kg



(1) x Jumbord Expandable Travel Bag


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