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Zensation™ - EMS Massager

"I can do things now that I haven't been able to do for a few years due to needing to stop due to back pain. This device somehow stops the pain and/or releases endorphins. It had changed my life. I also use on my knee when I have pain there. Portable and easy to charge with a USB cord. My husband even uses it and sings praises about how great it feels and the relief he gets quickly as well. Highly recommended!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Avery Whitmore
✅ Verified Buyer

In today's busy world, it is crucial to prioritize and ensure the maintenance of overall physical well-being. The demanding lifestyles, work pressures, and exposure to stressors can indeed have a negative impact on our health, leading to issues such as muscle tension or soreness. The overwhelming feeling of these tensions on the body makes it challenging to perform well and carry on with daily activities.
Zensation™ is a massaging device integrated with EMS technology, meticulously designed to provide highly effective and targeted relief from muscle tension and discomfort. The 8 unique massage modes and 19 intensity levels target specific muscle groups to promote muscle recovery and improves blood circulation. With Zensation™, unwind, relieve and rejuvenate with a personalized massage at the fingertips!



✅ RELAXES MUSCLE: The EMS of Zensation™ generates electrical impulses which cause muscles to contract and relax. This targeted stimulation directly addresses specific areas of discomfort and effectively relieves muscle tension.

MUSCLE RECOVERY & REHABILITATION: Zensation™ has eight massage modes which are Beat, Massage, Activation, Train, Knead, Shaping, Extrusion, and Slap. This alleviates muscle soreness and promotes faster recovery after injuries.

IMPROVES CIRCULATION: The 19 intensity levels of Zensation™ can be adjusted according to personal comfort and needs. This facilitates an increase in blood flow to the muscles and surrounding tissues.

OFFERS ULTIMATE COMFORT: Zensation™ has a user-friendly feature that fits the natural curves and contours of the body, providing a comfortable and secure grip. This enhances the overall massaging experience.

MUSCLES STRENGTHENING & TONING: Zensation™ help activate muscle fibers that may not be effectively engaged through regular exercise alone. This promotes muscle growth and improves overall muscle tone.


We understand that it is challenging when you feel sore or fatigued from long hours of work. The pain and discomfort caused by muscle tension can indeed make it difficult to focus and result in reduced productivity. Study shows that 56% of the US population experiences pain and muscle soreness for at least one hour daily.

Thankfully, Zensation™ emits electric pulses that deeply penetrates the muscles, alleviating any discomfort and tension. The powerful stimulation target muscle groups and enhances blood circulation to relax stiff and sore body areas. With Zensation™, massage on the go and elevate your muscle care routine to new heights!


Size: 18cm X 3cm X 10cm 

Voltage: 3.7 V
Charging Source: USB Cable 



(1) x Zensation™ EMS Massager
(1) x USB Cable 

(1) x English User Manual 


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