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Glamify™ - Smart Lamp

Pearl White
Midnight Black
" This is a very nice lamp clock, very pretty and stylish! The colors are very bright and there are tons of adjustments on tone, color, and brightness. This light can be used as a nightstand light or a table light. One of my favourite thing about this is the Bluetooth speaker! The charging worked very well too, was able to get the phone placed right on a first try, The lamp also came with a very nice looking phone stand, actually well made and very sturdy. Does not feel cheap at all. Overall, I am very satisfied and this would be perfect as a gift. 100% recommended!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Kaila Gonzales
✅ Verified Buyer

Maintaining a regular sleep-wake schedule is vital for overall health and mental well-being. Adopting unhealthy sleeping habits and an inconsistent sleep schedule can cause sleep deprivation which is mentally draining, putting physical health at risk. This leads to fatigue and morning grogginess, causing a decrease in productivity the next day.
Glamify™ is a 4-in-1 multifunctional device that comes with RGB lights that are designed to create a serene ambiance for a good night's sleep. The soothing changing colours are perfect for relaxation before bed and the sunrise stimulation effect makes waking up a breeze. With Glamify™, enjoy more restful nights and energized mornings!



CREATES A SLEEP-INDUCING ATMOSPHERE: Glamify™ has 16 million RGB colour lights that create a peaceful and calming ambiance. The adjustable and dimmable light relaxes the mind and body before sleep.

NATURAL SUNRISE STIMULATION: Warm colours shall be emitted from Glamify when the alarm clock rings in the morning. It emulates sunrise for an alerting and energized effect to start the day.


✅ MOOD BOOSTER: Glamify™ has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that allows songs to be played from mobile phones. It provides mood-light effects which enhancepositive emotions and happiness.

✅ FAST WIRELESS CHARGING:  Glamify supports a 15 KW fast and wireless charging. Conveniently charge mobile devices swiftly on the go and set free from cables attaching to devices.


1. Download "HappyLighting" app from Google or Apple store.

2. Turn on Bluetooth on the phone. 

3. Open "HappyLighting" app and connect the app via Bluetooth. 

4. Glamify will light up to indicate a successful connection. 

5. Control and play around with the colors of your choice. 

We understand that it can be frustrating not feeling well-rested when you wake up the next morning. It is exhausting as having poor sleep quality affects your daytime productivity. Study shows that 37% of the United States adult population struggle to maintain a regular sleeping schedule and suffer from sleep deprivation.

Thankfully, Glamify™ helps to regulate a proper and consistent sleeping schedule for better sleep. The mood-lighting effects help to wind down before bed while the gentle glow of the sunrise stimulation makes getting out of bed easier. With Glamify™, sleep like a baby throughout the night and wake up feeling refreshed the next morning!


Size: 22.8cm (L) X 23.2 (H) X 8.3 (W)

Weight: 0.47 kg

Input Voltage: 9V

Power :15 W                                 


(1) x Glamify™  Smart Lamp

(1) x USB Cable

(1) x English User Manual 


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