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Toastie™ - Breakfast Sandwich Maker

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"I absolutely love how easy it is to use this breakfast sandwich maker! It's easy to clean and it heats up super fast so I can make breakfast in literally no time .I let it heat up and make sure its good and hot. I cook the egg for 2 minutes before I add the top piece of the muffin...I put the Canadian bacon on top of the bottom piece of the muffin and then add a slice of cheese before I assemble the whole sandwich. I use this 5 times a week and am very happy with the results. Much easier than cleaning several pans and a bowl. If you like to eat breakfast sandwiches in the morning several times a week you won't be disappointed. 100% recommended!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Rebecca Hawkins
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Having a healthy and simple breakfast is a great way to kickstart the day on a positive and energized note. However, preparing a healthy breakfast can be time-consuming, especially during busy mornings when there is limited time before heading off to work. The time constraints of busy mornings can lead to reluctance or laziness in preparing breakfast, which may lead to nutrient deficiency over time.
Toastie is an all-in-one sandwich maker which is equipped with non-stick plates and egg cooker ring, creating perfectly toasted sandwiches effortlessly. The quick pre-heating and even heat distribution ensures a well-formed toasted sandwich is cooked to perfection within minutes. Enjoy delicious toasted sandwiches that boast a crispy outer layer and ooze with flavorful fillings with Toastie!



SIMPLE & EFFORTLESS: The egg cooker ring and sandwich plates of Toastie™ offer an efficient way to assemble a sandwich. Toastie is perfect for those who want to enjoy a delicious, toasted sandwich conveniently

SHORT COOKING & PREHEATING TIME: Thanks to the pre-heat and ready indicator lights, it notifies when Toastie is ready to be used. The direct contact of the hot plates with the sandwich ensures the sandwich is cooked to perfection.

✅ UNIFORM COOKING: Toastie™ features a non-stick plate with embedded heating elements that evenly spread heat across the surface. The heat is distributed to both sides of the sandwich, providing a delicious, well-cooked result.

EASY CLEAN UP: The non-stick plates of Toastie ensures easy removal of sandwiches and eggs, while a quick wipe with damp cloth tackle any lingering mess. It is hassle-free, dishwasher safe, and makes cleaning it a breeze.


✅ CUSTOMIZATION: With Toastie, spice up the sandwich game by having complete control over the ingredients used. Create the perfect sandwich combination to suit individual taste, preferences and dietary restrictions.


We understand that preparing breakfast can be time-consuming, especially during busy mornings when you have to rush to work or handle other responsibilities. Finding time to cook a nutritious breakfast while managing the daily routine is quite a challenge. Studies show that 57% of the US population opt to eat outside for a quicker option, as they find it troublesome to prepare breakfast.

Thankfully, Toastie™ creates perfectly cooked toast effortlessly with its egg cooker ring and non-stick plates, making breakfast preparation a breeze. The rapid preheating and efficient toasting ensure you can enjoy your favorite sandwiches in minutes. With Toastie, savor delicious and perfectly cooked sandwiches, setting the tone for an energized start to your day!


Voltage: 6V

Power: 1W                           


(1) x Toastie™ Sandwich Maker

(1) x English User Manual 


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