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PopCraze™ - Fidget Buttons Toy

"PopCraze is a fun and satisfying gadget that's perfect for relieving stress and anxiety. The toy is made from soft silicone material with a pleasant touch, and the bubble buttons are incredibly easy to press. The colorful lights that illuminate the bubbles make the toy even more engaging, and they add a delightful visual element to the experience. Very happy with my purchase, 10/10!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Hermanth Katta
✅ Verified Buyer

Achieving a healthy equilibrium between screen time and alternative activities is crucial for a child's growth. Yet, it can prove difficult to engage children in pursuits like art, as they frequently favor prolonged screen time privileges. The excessive use of screens might result in children becoming less active, potentially affecting their long-term brain development and overall growth.
PopCraze™ combines the mesmerizing allure of illuminated buttons with the satisfying pop of sound to create a calming and captivating experience for children. The four unique game modes keep kids focused, enhance visual perception and boost memory while embarking on thrilling challenges. With PopCraze™, witness kids enjoy every moment one pop at a time!



✅ PROMOTES RELAXATION: Interacting with the illuminated buttons on PopCraze™ leads to the creation of a delightful popping sound. This auditory encounter provides a comforting and tranquil sensory experience. 

ENGAGING AMUSEMENT: PopCraze™ has 4 unique games modes which are Challenge Mode, Memory Mode, Scoring Mode and Multiplayer Mode.  These modes are designed to captivate and entertain children for prolonged periods.


SENSORY STIMULATION: The combination of popping and lights in PopCraze™ offers a dual sensory experience, engaging both the sense of touch and sight. This helps strengthen finger muscles, while also enhancing visual perception.

ENHANCES FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION:  Engaging with PopCraze™ can be a form of sensory distraction. It provides a continuous activity and serves as a gentle mental stimulus that help kids to become more attentive

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: PopCraze™ is compact and lightweight to be carried around. Its availability whenever needed makes it a practical and effective aid for managing stress and enhancing focus in various situations.



We understand how challenging it can be for parents to keep their kids entertained without involving excessive screen time. Parents often find their kids wandering off after losing focus on activities that are less enjoyable and requires more concentration. Studies show that 65% of parents struggle to keep their little ones engaged in any activity for long.

Thankfully, PopCraze™ keeps little ones entertained with its illuminated buttons and gratifying popping sound. Engaging with the buttons stimulates sensory simulation, visual perception while it is a fun activity to play together with friends and loved ones. With PopCraze™, observe the smiles on your little ones' faces that accompany every delightful pop.


Product Size: 15.5 cm (L) X 7.6cm (H) X 5.3cm (W)

Material: ABS + Silicone
Power Source: 3 X AAA Batteries (not included)

(1) x PopCraze Fidget Buttons Toy

(1) x English User Manual 


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