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CuddleCloud™ - Baby Pillow

"The quality of CuddleCloud™ was better than I expected! It’s soft where baby’s back & head go. It keeps him very snug & gives his head good support so it’s not bobbling side to side. The headpiece detaches with Velcro so you can move it higher or lower. With the two-sided design, you can choose either to place your baby on the mesh or the cotton fabric side. The materials are very breathable! My baby can sleep for hours with this pillow! Overall super satisfied with my purchase! :D highly recommended to all parents!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Emilia Alvarez
✅ Verified Buyer

Worrying about the needs of little ones and ensuring that they are healthy, safe and well-cared for could be challenging. Choosing the appropriate baby pillow is crucial, as the lack of proper support can have negative impact to the baby's head and neck. It is extremely alarming as this can cause cosmetic and developmental concerns such as head flattening over time.

CuddleCloud™ features a U-shaped groove design with adjustable drawstrings to provide sufficient and proper support to baby's head and neck. The two-armed embrace pillows keep baby secured while the dual-sided fabric provides baby sleeping comfort. With CuddleCloud™, rest assured that little ones are well-supported, cozy and safe while sleeping!



OPTIMUM NECK AND HEAD SUPPORT: CuddleCloud™ U-shaped groove design keeps baby's head and neck in a correct position when sleeping. It provides sufficient and proper support for the baby's head and neck.

CUSTOM-FITTED PILLOW NESTThe adjustable drawstring located at the center, right and left side of the pillow allows easy tightening and loosening. It ensures the pillow fits snugly and safely to the baby's head.


IMPROVES SLEEP QUALITY OF BABY: Baby finds it comforting as CuddleCloud™ detachable two-armed embrace design resembles the hands of a mother. It provides a sense of security and reassuring a peaceful sleep for baby.

✅ DUAL-SIDED DESIGN PROVIDES ULTIMATE COMFORT: The breathable mesh side of CuddleCloud™ allow air to circulate freely while the cotton fabric is gentle on baby's skin. This keeps baby cool & comfortable while they sleep.


 DEVELOP CONTROL OF MOVEMENT: The small size and soft texture of CuddleCloud™ cotton ball helps baby practice grasping and releasing. This strengthens the muscles in their hands and fingers.


1. Place the baby gently on CuddleCloud™ Baby Pillow.

2. Adjust the drawstring to tighten or loosen the pillow to fit the baby's head. 

3. Ensure that the baby's head is centered on the pillow and not tilted too far in any direction.

4. Attach both sides of the arm pillows and buckle up to secure the baby in a comfortable sleeping position.

We understand that parents feel worried about ensuring their newborn's healthy development and overall well-being. Spending countless of hours choosing the right pillow ensuring that little ones have optimum head and spinal support can be challenging task. Study shows that 39% of babies develop flat-headed syndrome, when they are not properly supported while lying down.

Thankfully, the CuddleCloud™ custom-fitted pillow caters and provides adequate support to baby's head and neck while sleeping. The ergonomic and adjustable U-shaped neck pillow design and detachable arms pillow improves baby's sleep quality and keeps baby secured. With CuddleCloud™, be at ease knowing that your little one is healthy and well-developing!


Size: 42cm (L) X 65cm (H)

Weight: 0.5 kg


(1) x CuddleCloud™ Baby Pillow

(1) x English User Manual


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