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1. How many heat settings are there and what are the timer settings?

A: There are 6 heat settings, ranging from 150 degrees - 200 degrees. There are also 6 timer settings, allowing you to set the timer from 8s-18s. 


2. What is the optimal time to release the curls?

A: There will be a BEEP sounds. Once the BEEP sound goes off, you can release the curls and move on curling the next hair section.


3. Does the hair curler only rotates in one direction?

A: No, the hair curler rotates in both directions, giving you the preferences to curl your hair.  


4. How long does the hair curler takes to be fully charged?

A: It takes approximately 3 hours for the hair curler to be fully charged.


5. How long can I curl my hair after the hair curler is fully-charged?

A: You can use the hair curler continuously for around 1 hour.