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1. How to get a suction cup dog toy to stick?
A: The concept is quite simple. A suction cup anchors the toy to the ground, wall, or any smooth surface. Just stick it to any flat surface. For a wooden floor, you must ensure that it has no gaps or dust. When your dog grabs its toy and pulls, it won’t let go. Now watch your dog pull, bite, and play to his heart’s content!

2. What surfaces can I use for a suction cup dog toy?
A: Suction cup adheres best to any smooth surface. You can use this tug toy to tile, laminate flooring, or wall. Simply find a clean and smooth surface in your house. Just press down on the suction cup and your furry friend can play right away!

3. How to make the toy more interesting for my dog?
A: Stuff some treats or kibble in the ball. Your dog will have fun working for his snack.