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ChicTie™ - Drawstring Makeup Bag

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"I have bought so many make up bags and they really didn’t work well with my get ready workflow but when I saw this 😍I immediately purchased! My husband says wow 🤩 It allows for organized chaos! It is perfect for my morning gym routine! I no longer have to lay out a paper towel on the counter and have everything spread out! I can have it all in my bag and see everything I need at one time this is genius! I wish I had this 10 years ago game changer!. Love it!! Highly recommended!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Catherine Pamela
✅ Verified Buyer

A well-organized and efficient makeup bag can simplify the process of getting ready during travel and make it easier to maintain the desired look throughout the journey. While a traditional makeup bag might seem sufficient to contain makeup items, it can lead to a mess, especially during travel. The process of opening the zipper and having to dig through the entire bag is time-consuming.
ChicTie™ features an ingenious drawstring closure, granting quick and easy access to all makeup essentials with a simple pull. The flexibility of ChicTie™ to cinch into a compact bag or expand with a wide and flat space enables makeup to be neatly laid and efficiently packed. Elevate the makeup game to new heights and be ready to empower beauty routine anytime, anywhere with ChicTie™!



EASY VISIBILITY AND ACCESSIBILITY: ChicTie™ is specially designed so that it lays flat and provides a clear view of all the contents . This enhances visibility, making it easier to see and access all the makeup products inside the bag at once.

QUICK CLOSURE AND OPENING: ChicTie™ can be easily opened and closed with a simple pull of the drawstrings. It provides a fast and efficient way to open, close, and carry it while keeping cosmetics organized and secure

ORGANIZED SPACE: The flat surface of ChicTie™ enables makeup products to be spread out and neatly laid. It simplifies the makeup routine, making it more efficient and enjoyable while on the go. 

EFFICIENT PACKING & UNPACKING: When opening ChicTie™, it creates a wide and open space with easy access to the makeup products within. The ability of ChicTie™ to cinch or expand fully ensures makeup essentials to be easily pack and unpack.

TRAVEL FRIENDLY: ChicTie™ is made up of water-resistant and lightweight material, providing a perfect solution for on-the-go makeup needs. It safeguards cosmetics from external moisture and is also easy to carry around.


1. Spread ChicTie™ flat and loosen drawstring.
2. Place makeup products neatly.
3. Pull and cinch the bag to close
4. Secure the drawstring tightly.
5. Untie the drawstring for full access.
6. Close securely after use.
7. Clean as per care instructions.
We understand that going through a makeup bag, especially when we are in a rush and have limited time for makeup, can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. Many of us have experienced the challenge of searching for specific makeup items within a cluttered bag, especially when we need to get ready quickly for an event. Studies show that 58% of women experienced delay and being late due to the prolonged makeup process.

Thankfully, ChicTie™ ensures a seamless makeup routine with convenient access to your cosmetic products with a simple pull of the drawstrings. Effortlessly see every makeup item that are neatly spread and placed in one glance and this deal travel companion eases your makeup routine on the go. With ChicTie™, enjoy an organized makeup experience and finding your favourite cosmetic at your fingertips!

Size: 25cm (L) x 23cm (L)
Weight: 0.90 kg

(1) x ChicTie™ Drawstring Makeup Bag

(1) x English User Manual  

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