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ScentedSway™ - Candle Warmer Lamp

Midnight Black
Pearl White
Rose Gold
" I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time. As one of my clients had one. I had never seen something like it before. So I came across ScentedSway™ and  absolutely love it! It’s so cute and love the fact you don’t actually have to light the candle and get the smoke from the fire and this als you to just get the scent. Much safer than a burning candle. Goes great with any decor style I feel as well. Makes a great gift too. 100% recommended!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Rebecca Garner
✅ Verified Buyer

Candles are a relatively common household item and continue to be popular for their aesthetic and relaxing qualities. However, traditional wick produces smoke and soot, leaving residue and mess onto surfaces. It is indeed frustrating to clean up burnt candles especially when they are stubborn and difficult to remove. 

The ScentedSway™ has a built-in light source that melts candle wax, distributing the candle's fragrance evenly across the room. The candle is warmed from underneath, gradually melts to the heat and releasing fragrance to the surrounding. With ScentedSway™, transform any space into a cozy environment and enjoy its fragrances! 



FRAME-FREE ALTERNATIVE TO LIGHTED CANDLES: With ScentedSway™, the built-in dimmer controls the wax-melting speed. Delight in soothing fragrances as the wax melts gradually.

CREATES A WONDERFUL AMBIENCE: The soft glow from under the lampshade mimics the glow of candlelight. The mood-lighting effect creates a cozy and serene atmosphere that is calming. 


✅ PROMOTES RELAXATION: The melting wax's luscious fragrance gently blankets the room. The soothing aromatherapy helps to relieve stress and uplift moods,calming the mind and body. 

SOPHISTICATED PIECE OF DECOR: With its simple colour palette of black, white or gold, the ScentedSway™ fit in effortlessly with most home interiors. This adds a touch of elegance and spruces up any space.


✅ ENVIROMENTAL-FRIENDLY: The low-wattage bulb of ScentedSway™ requires less energy than burning a candle with open flame. In the long run, it is energy-efficient and sustainable to the environment.


1. Connect the plug to a power outlet.

2. Adjust the 3 modes of lamp brightness with the dimmer function.

3. Set the timer to 2H, 4H or 8H. 

4. Leave the candle wax to melt to the heat of the lamp.

5. Enjoy the scent and fragrance. 

We understand that dealing with wax mess can be frustrating, especially if you enjoy using scented candles. Removing those stains from stubborn wax is a time-consuming and tedious task. Study shows that 39% of scented candle lovers in the States include cleaning up candle wax mess as part of their daily house chores. 

Thankfully, ScentedSway™ lets you indulge in your favorite home fragrances without any hassle. The comforting scents released from melted scented wax create a relaxing atmosphere while the aesthetic design is the perfect decor for any interior space. Spruce up your room conveniently and enjoy a pleasant aroma with ScentedSway™!    


Size: 35cm (L) x 15cm (H)

Weight: 1 KG
Power Source: USB 

Voltage: 110V-220V

(1) x ScentedSway Candle Warmer Lamp

(2) x G10 Light Bulb

(1) x English User Manual 


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