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TenderTucks™ - Baby Stroller Quilt

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"Absolutely impressed with this baby stroller quilt, my newborn sleeps so soundly whenever I bring her out for a stroll. I really love how soft the fleece is and how TenderTucks™ provides just the right warmth to my daughter, unless other blankets that are either too thick or too thin. Now I do not have to worry about her being too cold in the stroller as the weather is quite cold now. All parents should get this for their baby stroller, 100% recommended!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Isabelle Harrington
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Worrying about the needs of little one and ensuring that they are healthy, safe and well cared for could be challenging. It is crucial to be extra attentive and take appropriate measures to ensure the baby is comfortable and safe during stroller outings. Factors such as weather, comfort and baby needs can have a negative impact on the baby if not well taken care of.
TenderTucks™ is made up of luxuriously soft knitting wool that keeps little one warm and comfortable in the stroller. The delicate fleece material is gentle on baby's skin and providing extra layer of protection while creating a cozy environment for the baby to sleep. Enjoy baby strolls and rest assured that little ones are warm and sleeping soundly with TenderTucks™!



✅ PROVIDES ULTIMATE COMFORT: The soft fleece lining of TenderTucksis delicate on baby's skin. This creates a sense of coziness, which makes them feel more relaxed and content in the stroller.

✅ PROVIDES WARMTH: The natural insulating properties of the thick and warm knitting wool provides an extra layer of protection against cold. This keeps the baby cozy even in very cold temperatures.


✅ OFFERS VERSATILE PROTECTION: The all-around coverage and wrapping feature of TenderTucks creates a cocoon-like environment that shields baby. It provides a sense of comfort and security to the baby.

✅ PROMOTES SLEEP: The soft and comfortable texture of TenderTucks™ creates a cozy and comforting atmosphere. This helps create a more conducive environment for sleep which can contribute to better sleep for baby.


1. Place TenderTucks inside the baby stroller and secure it in place. 

2. Gently place little one onto TenderTucks and position the quilt in a way that it only covers the baby's body. 

3. Enjoy baby strolls with TenderTucks!

We understand that parents feel worried and anxious when bringing their baby out in a stroller. The crying and wailing of a baby due to factors such as weather and discomfort can be distressing for parents. Studies show that 56% of parents finding it difficult to take their babies out in a stroller, with many spending countless hours trying to calm their crying little ones.

Thankfully, the TenderTucks™ keeps little ones warm and cozy for long rides in the stroller. The soft and delicate fleece provides warmth and wrapping little ones in it creates a sense of security, keeping them safe and relaxed throughout the stroll. With TenderTucks™, enjoy a smooth stroll with your little ones at the utmost comfort and convenience!


Size: 38cm (L) X 68cm (H) 

Material: Fleece lining (Inner) & Knitting Wool (Outer)



(1) x TenderTucks™ Baby Stroller Quilt

(1) x English User Manual 


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