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DrillMaster™ - Kids Drilling Set

"This set finally helped our 4-year-old son put brake on his full day running around and divert his energy to building something. He immediately loved it specially the drilling tool. This not only help him with his concentration but also with his fine motor skills. It definitely keeps him entertained for hours. During these times of being stuck at home, this is a great toy for him. So happy with my purchase! Highly recommended to get one of this!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Barbara Stacy
✅ Verified Buyer

Helping kids balance their time between screens and other activities is really important for their growth. However, it can be challenging to get children involved in educational activities since they often prefer extended screen time privileges. Spending too much time on screens may lead to physical inactivity, impacting their overall health and well-being.
DrillMaster™ packed with 316 vibrant screws and nuts, complete with the electric drill, offers an exhilarating platform for hands-on play and creative discovery for children. Using the electric drill while assembling the components to build exciting projects promotes hand-eye coordination and develops fine motor skills. Take playtime to the next level and create moments of joy and learning that will last a lifetime with DrillMaster™!



FINE MOTOR SKILL & HAND EYE COORDINATION: The processes of holding the DrillMaster™electric drill while assembling the components require precise manipulation of small objects. This helps improve kids' hand dexterity and fine motor control.

IMAGINATION & CREATIVITY: DrillMaster™ comes with 316 pieces of various shapes and colors of screws and bolts, enhancing children's imaginative play experiences. It encourages them to think outside the box, fostering creativity in an engaging way.


SAFE AND CHILD-FRIENDLY: Crafted with rounded edges, durable materials, and simple control, DrillMaster™ is designed for kids aged 6 and above. With its secure components, kids can explore confidently under watchful eyes. 

BOND THROUGH BUILDING: Working on DrillMaster™ the dual-sided board provides quality bonding time with children. Engage in meaningful interactions through guiding, assisting and celebrating accomplishments together.

PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILL: Assembling and disassembling components with DrillMaster™can encourage kids to figure out how different parts fit together. It promotes critical thinking through hands-on experimentation.



We understand how challenging it can be for parents to keep their kids entertained without involving excessive screen time. Parents often find their kids wandering off after losing focus on activities that are less enjoyable and requires more concentration. Studies show that 65% of parents struggle to keep their little ones engaged in any activity for long.

Thankfully, DrillMaster™ introduces an exceptional playtime transformation, offering a remarkable array of 316 vibrant components paired with an electric drill. From crafting unique shapes to building 2D and 3D structures, DrillMaster™ keeps children engaged and foster fine motor skills. With DrillMaster™, ignite limitless creativity and embark on a journey of endless fun!


Product Size: 48 cm (L) X 30 cm (L)

Material: ABS     


(1) x DrillMaster Kids Drilling Set

(1) x English User Manual 


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