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MeowMadness™ - Interactive Cat Toy

"Both my cats love it!!! The MeowMadness™ has motion sensors and feather features which really catches & keeps their attention. They need to be visually and physically stimulated or they’ll start throwing temper tantrums and act out. This toy is a must have, the eldest love to catch pray while the youngest likes to sit and watch. It keeps them entertained for hours! There isn’t a day where they haven’t found themselves trying to grab the feather and I will say this was definitely worth the buy. Highly recommended!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Alice Turner
✅ Verified Buyer

Cats are natural predators that have keen senses, stealthy movements and a strong instinct to hunt and play. Lack of playtime and stimulation can cause cats to become bored and under-stimulated, leading to a range of health and behavioral issues. Cats who do not get enough physical and mental stimulation may develop undesirable behaviors such as scratching furniture and excessive meowing.
MeowMadness™ is designed with a motion-sensor feature that creates a stimulating and engaging play experience for cats. The feather attachment adds an element of unpredictability, which keep cats engaged and entertained while the random movement improves cat's coordination and overall physical fitness. With MeowMadness™, easily entertain fur babies and keep them active and happy!



ENGAGING AND STIMULATING ACTIVITY: The visual appeal and unpredictability of feather's movement mimics the sensation of prey. It keeps them mentally and physically active, improving overall health and wellbeing.

✅ ENHANCES PLAYTIME: The MeowMadness™ has vibrant, eye-catching colours that grab cats' attention, stimulating their natural curiousity and playfulness. It makes playtime more exciting and challenging for cats, keeping them entertained.


PROMOTES EXERCISE: The sensored motion of MeowMadness™ is activated by cat's movement, causing it to move in unpredictable ways.  This moderate-intensity workout improves overall fitness level.

✅ IMPROVES AGILITY: The 3 modes of MeowMadness™ encourages cat to play chase and catch which requires a lot of movement. When pouncing, it improves their reflexes, increasing overall agility and coordination.


ERGONOMIC DESIGN: MeowMadness™ has a slightly rough surface that cleans up cat's hair while the toy moves around the floor. This minimizes the amount of cat hair around the house, resulting in a cleaner environment.


We understand that it is frustrating when cats get bored and start engaging in destructive or undesirable behaviors around the house. Spending countless of hours trying to keep your cat entertained is challenging and time-consuming, especially if you're a busy person or lack of creativity when it comes to playtime. Study shows that 57% of bored cats often ends up scratching furniture or knocking things over.

Thankfully, the MeowMadness™ is an innovative cat toy that provides plenty of play and stimulation to keep cats active and engaged. Its motion-sensor feature and feather attachment create playful and unpredictable movements that capture their attention and improve overall fitness and wellbeing. With MeowMadness™, keep your fur babies entertained easily while maintaining overall health and happiness!


Size: 15.6cm (L) X 9.2cm (H)

Weight: 0.5 kg
Power Source: USB Charging Cable


(1) x Meow Madness™ Cat Interactive Toy with feather

(1) x Charging Cable

(1) x Tweezer

(1) x English User Manual


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