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BeadsJoy™ - Magnetic Drawing Board

 "My 4 year old absolutely loves this magnetic drawing board! I got it for a road trip and it provided endless entertainment. I love that it's so open ended. He can make patterns, make his own pictures or use the picture cards, and in true 4 year old fashion...sometimes he just shakes all of the pieces into a hole and describes what he made! It does need to be relatively flat, but it's easy to use and sturdy. Having the pen attached to the board is also a huge plus. Very happy with my purchase, 10/10!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Katy Schmitt
✅ Verified Buyer

Finding a healthy balance between screen time and other activities is important for a child's development. However, it can be challenging to get children involved in activities such as arts since they often prefer extended screen time privileges. Excessive screen time could lead to children becoming idle, impacting their brain development and growth over time.
BeadsJoy™ features a magnetic board and colourful magnetic beads placement that sparks creativity within children. Arranging and placing the beads promotes independent play, hand-eye coordination and develops fine motor skills. Transform playtime into a mesmerizing sensory experience and watch children's senses come alive with BeadsJoy™ magnetic masterpiece!



✅ UNLEASH CREATIVITY EXPRESSION: The colourful magentic beads of BeadsJoy™ adhere to the magnetic board. Children can rearrange the magnetic beads according to the 14 unique design or create own dazzling patterns and captivating designs. 

FINE MOTOR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: BeadsJoy™ requires precise finger movements to handle and place the magnetic beads on the board. It improves hand-eye coordination and develops fine motor skills and finger dexterity.


PROVIDES SENSORY STIMULATION: Handling and placing magnetic beads provides invaluable tactile stimulation that enriches sensory awareness. BeadsJoy™ is a holistic and enjoyable way for children to facilitate their sensory development.

 SCREEN-FREE & INDEPENDENT PLAY: BeadsJoy™ offers a screen-free alternative for entertainment and learning. Children can engage with the magnetic board on their own, promoting independent play and a sense of accomplishment.

REUSABLE & MESS-FREE: The magentic board securely holds magnetic beads in place, allowing a seamless play experience. BeadsJoy™ is the perfect opportunity for children to interact with various textures in a controlled way.



We understand how challenging it can be for parents to keep their kids entertained without involving excessive screen time. Parents often find their kids wandering off after losing focus on activities that are less enjoyable and requires more concentration. Studies show that 65% of parents struggle to keep their little ones engaged in any activity for long.

Thankfully, BeadsJoy™ ignites child's senses and creativity allowing them to arrange the magnetic beads on the magnetic board according to the 14 unique design. BeadsJoy™ keeps children engaged, develop fine motor skills and provides tactile and sensory stimulation with each play. With BeadsJoy™, immerse your child in a world of touch, creativity and exploration!  


Product Size: 26 cm (L) X 26 cm (L)

Weight: 0.225 kg

(1) x BeadsJoy Magnetic Drawing Board

(1) x English User Manual 


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