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TinyTinkles™ - Baby Sensory Toy

"This toy was purchased for my six month old granddaughter. It’s lightweight, so when she drops it she can easily pick it back up. She’s loving all the different area’s to chew on as her teething has started. This was purchased because of its nontoxic material and development of of my sweet baby’s motor skills. It keeps her entertained at all times! Each piece has a different texture and you can pull on them and make them different lengths! Definitely very happy with my purchase!Highly recommended!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Bernadette Stanley
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Baby development is crucial, and stimulating their sensory abilities, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills is essential. When babies lack the necessary support in these areas, it can lead to difficulties in their overall development. Insufficient stimulation in these areas may cause developmental delays, where babies may require more time to master certain skills compared to their peers.
TinyTinkles™ features fun, colourful drawstrings that encourages little ones to pull and grasp to develop sensory and touch stimulation. The colour balls and finger press help toddlers to enhance fine motor skills while coordinating hand movements with visual focus. With TinyTinkles™, watch little ones thrive and flourish with every pull, every touch, and every moment of joy.



✅ SENSORY STIMULATION: TinyTinkles™ drawstrings offer tactile stimulation for babies to explore textures and develop their sense of touch. They can grasp, pull, and manipulate the strings, enhancing fine motor skills and sensory awareness.

✅ FINE MOTOR SKILLS DEVELOPEMENT: The color balls and finger press of TinyTinkles™ encourage toddlers to use their fingers and hand muscles to press and squeeze the toy. This promotes the development of finger strength and coordination.

✅ SAFE TEETHING TOY: TinyTinkles™ is BPA-free and is safe for littles ones to chew and gnaw on. The act of chewing on the toy stimulates the muscles in the jaw and mouth, contributing to overall oral development.
✅ SOOTHING SLEEP ASSOCIATION: By using TinyTinkles™ as a bedside rattle during sleep routines, the sound of the rattle becomes associated with sleep. This association can aid in establishing healthy sleep patterns.

HAND EYE COORDINATION: Pulling the drawstring of TinyTinkles™ involves coordinating hand movements with visual focus. This enhances toddlers' hand-eye coordination and strengthens their motor skills and visual perception.

We understand that ensuring the overall wellbeing of a baby can be worrisome. Constant worry arises from the desire to ensure that the baby is progressing appropriately and meeting milestones in areas such as physical development, cognitive abilities, social skills, and emotional wellbeing. Study shows that 59% of parents are constantly seeking ways to stimulate their babies.

Thankfully, the TinyTinkles™ enhances the sensory stimulation of little ones by encouraging pulling and grasping of the drawstrings. The different textures of BPA-free material creates a symphony of tactile sensations that promotes fine motor skill development.  With TinyTinkles™, witness the joy on little ones face as they immerse themselves in the world of imagination, creativity, and growth.


Size: 13 cm X 27 cm

Material: BPA-Free



(1) x TinyTinkles™ Baby Sensory Toy

(1) x English User Manual 


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