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Acupressure Pen Size & Specs

Acupressure Pen Size & Specifications




1. How can I find the acupuncture points?
A: Many people worry about not being able to find acupuncture points. Don't worry, because the magnetic therapy pen uses magnetism and does not need to penetrate into the body. The range of its magnetic field is about 3cm, so the requirements for acupoints do not need to be precise. As long as the pain point is found, it is the effective point.
2. Does everyone feels the same current when using?
A: It varies depending on the size of the hands' resistance value. Some people would feel a stronger current and some weaker. Young and healthy people will experience a stronger current while the elderly will experience a weaker current.

3. Is it normal to feel tingling while using the acupressure pen?
A: Yes, it is completely normal to feel a slight tingling sensation while using the acupressure pen.
4. Is the acupressure pen rechargeable?
A: No, it operates using an AA battery which will not be included.