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Baby Nasal Aspirator Size n Specs

BreathEZ Baby Nasal Aspirator 
1. What are the differences between the three types of nozzles of Glowy ™ BreathEZ Baby Nasal Aspirator
A: The three types of nozzles are the gourd head, round head and funnel head. The gourd head is suitable for newborns, the round head is for baby above 1 years old, and the funnel head is for toddlers above 2-3 years old. 
2. Is it ok for infants to use Glowy BreathEZ Baby Nasal Aspirator on their own?
A: It is not advisable for infants to use the Glowy BreathEZ Baby Nasal Aspirator unsupervised, for their safety. 

3. Can I wash Glowy BreathEZ Baby Nasal Aspirator under running water?
A: You can only clean the nozzles and suction heads under water, as the body of Glowy BreathEZ Baby Nasal Aspirator is not waterproof.
4. Which power suction of  Glowy™ BreathEZ Baby Nasal Aspirator is recommended to be used?
A: It is always advisable to go with the lowest suction power first and gradually increase for a stronger suction power if preferred.