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Dewy Skin Massager Size & Specs

Dewy Skin Massager Size & Specifications


1. Should I apply any cream, serum or moisturizer on the skin before using Glowy ™ Dewy Skin Massager
A: Absolutely, you should apply some moisturizer on your face before using the Glowy ™ Dewy Skin Massager for massaging. It increases the absorption rate of the moisturizer on the skin. 
2. Can I use Glowy Dewy Skin Massager for daily use?
A: Yes, you can. Massaging once a day for approximately 5-10 minutes is sufficient. 
3. How do I massage my face with Glowy™ Dewy Skin Massager?
A: You should always massage you face by gliding the skin massager in an upward position. This ensures a better skin lifting effect.
4. Can I use the Glowy™ Dewy Skin Massager for my acne prone skin?
A: It is advisable that you use the skin massager as gentle as possible on the skin and no longer than 5 minutes per day. If there are any aggravation, immediately stop using the skin massager and seek for medical attention.