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Digital Alarm Clock Size & Specs

Digital Alarm Clock Size & Specifications


1. How do you set the time?
A: The time of the digital alarm clock is easy to set. Press and hold the set key for 3 seconds to enter into time setting mode, and press "up" and "down" to set the time.

2. Is the charging port for USB Type C?
A: Yes, it is a Type C charging port.

3. Are there date and month display on the clock?
A: Yes, there are.

4. Is the display bright enough to see in a bright room?
A: Yes, absolutely. The digital alarm clock has an automatic dimmer that adjusts the brightness according to the environment. You could also manually adjust the brightness yourself.

5. What is the unit of the temperature display?
A: You could set the temperature either in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

6. Can the projection size be adjusted?
A: No, however you could adjust the angle up to 180 degree.

7. Does the sound of the alarm after a certain amount of time? or will it ring continuously until it is switched off/snoozed?
A: It will ring continuously until it is being snoozed or switched off, definitely a good choice for heavy sleepers