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1. Can I use regular toothpaste on Glowy 360 ͦ  Dazzle Kids Toothbrush? 
A: Absolutely, when you use regular squeezing toothpaste, try to apply it lightly and evenly on the brush head of Glowy 360 ͦ  Dazzle Kids Toothbrush.
2. Is it ok to use Glowy 360 ͦ  Dazzle Kids Toothbrush on a loose teeth?
A: It is recommended to use a manual toothbrush to clean the loose teeth first, and use Glowy 360 ͦ  Dazzle Kids Toothbrush to clean the rest of the teeth. 

3. How does Glowy 360 ͦ  Dazzle Kids Toothbrush work to eliminates plaque and food?
A: The Glowy 360 ͦ  Dazzle Kids Toothbrush vibrates up to 31,000 strokes per minute. This helps clean your teeth in two ways, through mechanical brushing and fluid dynamics.