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Glossy Water Flosser Size & Specs

Glossy Water Flosser Size & Specifications




1. Is Glowy ™ Glossy Water Flosser tank removable for cleaning?
A: Yes, Glowy ™ Glossy Water Flosser tank has a detachable design that enables it to be removed for cleaning.

2. Can I add mouthwash to Glowy ™ Glossy Water Flosser ?
A: It is recommended to use mouthwash before using Glowy ™ Glossy Water Flosser.
3. Can I use Glowy ™ Glossy Water Flosser in the shower?
A: Absolutely, Glowy ™ Glossy Water Flosser can be used in the shower as it is waterproof. 

4. How long can Glowy ™ Glossy Water Flosser's  battery last once its fully charged?
A: Glowy ™ Glossy Water Flosser will be fully charged after 5 hours and its battery can last up to 14 days.

5. How much capacity of water can Glowy ™ Glossy Water Flosser's tank be filled with?
A: Glowy ™ Glossy Water Flosser can cater up to 300ml.