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Hydroponic Bulb Vase Size & Specs

Hydroponic Bulb Vase Size & Specifications


1. Does the Glowy ™ Hydroponic Bulb Vase comes with the plant
A:  No, it doesn't. You can create your plant idea with this propagation station. The plants shown above are just for your reference.
2. What type of plants can you put in Glowy ™ Hydroponic Bulb Vase?
A: You can put any hydroponic plants in Glowy ™ Hydroponic Bulb Vase and is suitable for all kinds of flower arrangement.
3. Do you have to disassemble the plant propagation station every time you want to change water?
A: No, with the new design, the Glowy ™ Hydroponic Bulb Vase sit on half circle so you can easily lift each bulb vase up to change the water without having to disassemble the unit.