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Preggo Pregnancy Pillow Size & Specs

Preggo Pregnancy Pillow Size & Specs 


1. Should I buy a Preggo Pillow?

A: Yes, you should get one especially when you are post 20 weeks. Sure, you can survive your pregnancy without one but it is definitely more comfortable with Glowy ™ Preggo Pillow than have it peppered with aches and pains.


2. How do I use the Preggo Pillow?

A: Just lie in between both cushions. You could easily switch sides as the cushions help to support your back and baby bump at the same time.


3. Do you need the pregnancy pillow after birth?

A:  Pregnancy pillow can help you sleep even after you've had the baby, because unfortunately you probably won't just snap back to your normal sleeping habits. Your body will continue to need rest long after you've delivered, and a pregnancy pillow will help with that!