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MindShift™ - Fidget Puzzle Slider

"Really fun brain teaser, a great thinking game and it looks vintage! It activates the mind while it’s still based on modern tech sense.. my son plays with it much more than Nintendo switch, challenging himself to reach level 500! With 500 puzzles in the device the fun can go on and on! This is a lot of fun and helps pass the time! We all at home play it as well. Must have one at every home. Really worth every penny!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Sophia Bennett
✅ Verified Buyer

Ensuring a healthy balance between screen time and other activities is crucial for the development of children. Finding suitable alternatives to replace their screen time can indeed pose a significant challenge as they prefer extended screen time privileges. The lack of physical activity can contribute to issues such as obesity, muscular weaknesses, and even posture-related problems.
MindShift™ is a brain teaser game that seamlessly merges the concepts of fidgeting and 500 levels of puzzle challenges that keeps children engaged. Solving the puzzle pieces enhances problem-solving skill while encouraging a friendly game challenge. Harness fidgeting energy into focus, improve cognitive skills and purposeful learning skills with MindShift™!



MINDFUL FIDGETING EXPERIENCE: MindShift™ offers a tranquil getaway while involving the synchronization of hands and mind. Manipulating and deciphering 500 levels of the sliding puzzle improve concentration. 
DEVELOP SPATIAL REASONING SKILL: Arranging MindShift™ accurately train the brain to comprehend spatial relationships. This fosters an intuitive understanding of how objects fit together, enhancing spatial reasoning abilities.


KEEPS CHILDREN ENTERTAINED: In the versus mode of MindShift™, challenge each other by solving the sliding puzzle within the specific time frame. The dynamic gameplay encourages friendly rivalry and foster a fun environment that bond relationships.

IMPROVE FINE MOTOR SKILL: The process of maneuvering the blocks to their intended positions requires coordination of visual perception with manual movement. MindShift™ refines hand-eye coordination and develops finger strength.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The magnetic puzzle feature and smooth-sliding mechanism of MindShift™ provide an engaging experience. This ease of movement enriches tactile experiences, therefore providing a tangible sense of achievement.


We understand how frustrating it can be for parents to keep kids entertained without involving excessive screen time.  Often, it is challenging to identify appropriate activities that can fully engage little ones. Studies show that 65% of parents struggle to keep their little ones engaged in any activity for long.

Thankfully, MindShift™ stimulates kids' mind with the ultimate fusion of fidgeting fun and 500 mind-challenging puzzles. The pleasing sound of magnets effortlessly joining together adds a touch of enrichment to the educational play experience. With MindShift™, enjoy each play and slide into victories today! 


Product Size: 18.5 cm (L) X 10 cm (W) X 3 cm (H)

Material: ABS
Power Source: 2 X AA Batteries (Not Included)


(1) x MindShift Fidget Puzzle Slider


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