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PixelPals™ - Children's Camera

"Very nice kiddie camera kit!! My daughter loves this camera a lot and she bring it everywhere she goes! This camera allows your child to explore their creative talents. They can take fun & beautiful pics or make fun videos and become a successful blogger/vlogger. This camera kit comes with a pretty pink camera with all the pink accessories (a tripod, a strap to wear around the neck, a flash drive, a memory card, a charger cord and a manual). This is a great starter kit for your kids to explore their fun and imaginative side. Really happy with my purchase! 100% recommended!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Melanie Tina
✅ Verified Buyer

Kids are naturally drawn to being creative, and they find different ways to express their thoughts and feelings. Photography and videography are some of these ways, allowing them to tell stories through pictures and videos. However, relying solely on smartphones for these purposes might not consistently achieve the desired outcome and it could contribute to excessive screen time for kids.
PixelPals™ is equipped with tripod stand and a remarkable 40MP image resolution and crystal-clear 1080P video capability, sparking a passion for photography in kids. The inclusion of a 24-inch screen and a 180-degree flip lens enhances the experience of capturing self-portraits and group portraits effortlessly. Elevate creativity and capture the essence of the moment and with PixelPals™!



CULTIVATE CREATIVITY AND EXPRESSION: PixelPals™ comes with a tripod stand, allowing kids to set up the camera and record videos. It enables exploration and creativity, enhancing children's imagination and storytelling skills.

✅ PERFECT FOR GROUP & SELF PORTRIATS: By employing the 2.4-inch display and the 180-degree flip lens of PixelPals™, children gain immediate access to the camera's viewfinder. This live visual feedback empowers kids to fine-tune the angle in real-time.

HIGH RESOLUTION PICTURES & VIDEOS: PixelPals™offers the capacity for 40 megapixels in images and 1080 pixels in videos.Embracing high-definition visuals empowers kids to capture moments with extraordinary precision and a striking impact.

✅ EXTENDED RECORDING TIME: The large capacity of a 32 GB memory card can store up to 3000 photos and 200 videos.PixelPals™ grants children the freedom to capture countless photos and videos, ensuring they can explore freely.

 ERGONOMIC DESIGN: PixelPals™ comes with a portable lanyard and rechargeable battery that enhances photography experience. The practical accessories complement the camera's functionality and encourages kids to explore creatively.


We understand that it can be challeging when children lack access to the essential tools needed to explore photography and express their creativity. Often, kids may request to use smartphones as cameras and video recorders. Studies show that 59% of parents hesitant to purchase smartphones for their children to use as video recorders due to the perception that smartphones may not fulfill the desired purpose effectively.

Thankfully, PixelPals™ ignites curiosity and enable little ones to showcase their individuality through the stunning 40MP image resolution and 1080P video capability, complete with a tripod stand. The 32 GB memory card, portable lanyard and rechargeable battery enriches children's photography journey. Discover the world through the lens of your little ones and create memories that last with PixelPals™!


Image Resolution: 40 Mega Pixels

Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080P

Memory Card: 32 GB

Charging Source: USB Cable

(1) x PixelPals Children's Camera

(1) x English User Manual 


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