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Pawsome™ - Pet Pouch

Nightfall Black
Misty Gray
"My 9.5, 8 lb puppy fits in comfortably with room to grow. The strap is easy to adjust and is comfortable on the shoulder. The breathable fabric has a nice feel and provide comfort to my puppy. I am very pleased with Pawsome™ - Pet Pouch. He's perfectly curled up in this and only adjusts himself to get a better view of things, without ever trying to come out! He doesn’t mind being inside and does not try to escape. The safety belt adds security to my active puppy! Overall, this is a great quality product and very stylish. Thank You! 100% recommended!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Lucas Graynold
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Walking pets is a great way to provide them with exercise, mental stimulation, and an opportunity for them to explore their surroundings. However, small pets may have limited mobility compared to larger pets and might be challenging for them to walk long distances. There may be instances when they need to be carried during outings or when they become tired.
Pawsome™ features five-pocket button closure and spacious room to provide a cozy and secured space for pets to rest in when travelling. The adjustable shoulders straps, safety belt and breathable fabric enhance pet's comfort and the lightweight pouch increases travelling convenience. With Pawsome™, enjoy quality bonding time together while experiencing the outdoors in style!



✅ COMFORTABLE AND SECURE SPACE: The 5 pocket buttons closure of Pawsome™ can be adjustable according to pet's size. The spacious compartment with secure closure allows a snug fit within the pouch.

ENHANCE SAFETY: Pawsome™ is specially designed with a stretchable safety belt that is equipped with a buckle. This ensures that the belt remains in place and prevents accidental openings that could compromise pet's safety.

✅ OFFERS ULITMATE COMFORT: The nylon fabric of Pawsome™ is highly breathable and has moisture-wicking properties. This is ideal for various weather conditions as it keeps the pets cool and dry in the sling bag at all times.

IDEAL FOR TRAVELLING: Pawsome™ has zipper pockets to store pet essentials such as treats and toy. The lightweight pet pouch is extremely convenient and easy to be carried around for short trips.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Pawsome™ has a wide and adjustable shoulder strap to be worn on the shoulders. It ensures a comfortable and even distribution of weight when carrying pets around in the pouch.


We understand that bringing your small pet outside can be challenging, as they may become tired and rely on being carried. Carrying them for an extended period of time can be both physically and mentally demanding. Studies show that 53% of pet owners have reported experiencing fatigue in their arms and shoulders from carrying their beloved pets.

Thankfully, Pawsome™ custom-fitted pouch provides a cozy and snug fit for pets to rest during little walks together. The five-button closure and safety belt keeps pet safe while the wide and adjustable straps eases the weight on the shoulders. With Pawsome™, strengthen the bond with your fur ball while enjoying the outdoors in a fashionable and convenient way.


Pouch Size: 40cm (L) X 40cm (W) 

Strap Length: 63cm-102cm

Weight: 0.50 kg



(1) x Pawsome™ Pet Pouch


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