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SwiftCork™ - Electric Wine Opener

"We had stayed with the manual lever style opener for about 20 years. It became increasingly harder to use, and removing the cork was more effort than it was worth. Finally decided to surprise my wife with this, and we both love it! works beautifully, plenty of power for even difficult corks, and ejects it with the touch of a button. The cutter, stoppers and aerator are nice, and all sit conveniently in the base!A must-have item for those who loves wine"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Benjamin Anderson
✅ Verified Buyer

The wine opening process is significant because it improves the overall enjoyment, presentation, and preservation of the wine. Using a traditional cork opener can be challenging and time-consuming, requiring techniques and patience to extract the cork successfully. Difficulties in removing the cork can lead to inconvenience and frustration, such as cork breakage and leaving behind small fragments.

SwiftCork™ features an automated corkscrew mechanism that removes cork from wine bottles effortlessly in seconds. The pourer and vacuum stopper attachments enhance wine pouring and drinking experience while the rechargeable feature keeps the wine bottle opener ever ready to be used anytime and anywhere. With SwiftCork™, indulge in a superior wine-opening experience and cheers to the perfect pour!



✅ EFFORTLESS WINE BOTTLE OPENING: The automated corkscrew mechanism of SwiftCork™ provides sufficient power and torque to remove the cork. It ensures reliable cork extraction with just a push of a button.


✅ ENHANCES DRINKING EXPERIENCE: SwiftCork™ comes with a pourer attachment that helps to control the flow of wine when pouring. The precise pour of wine provides a pleasant and smoother drinking experience.

✅ RETAINS FRESHNESS & QUALITY OF WINE: The vacuum stopper of SwiftCork™ removes excess air from the bottle, extending the shelf life of the wine. It helps to maintain the wine's flavour and aroma for a longer period of time.

✅ ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The portable and rechargeable SwiftCork™ makes it  convenient to be used or brought along to events. It saves time and extremely comes in handy when opening wine bottles.


We understand that extracting the cork from wine bottles can be a challenging and tricky process. Ensuring that the corkscrew is aligned properly in the center of the cork just to ensure a successful cork removal is indeed cumbersome. Study shows that 42% of wine enthusiasts in the United States reported having broken corks left behind as they are having a hard time ejecting the cork from wine bottles.

Thankfully, the automated corkscrew mechanism of SwiftCork™ simplifies the process of removing cork from wine bottle effortlessly with just one touch of a button. The foil cutter, pourer and vacuum stopper makes wine-drinking a seamless and unforgettable wine-drinking experience. With SwiftCork™, upgrade your wine experience and pop your favourite champagne elegantly in seconds!


Size: 4.8cm (L) X 23.1cm (H)

Power: 5W

Voltage: 6V


(1) x SwiftCork™ Electric Wine Opener

(1) x Foil Cutter

(1) x Pourer

(1) x USB Cable 

(1) x English User Manual


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