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HushHaven™ - Baby Earmuffs

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 "I bought these for my 8 month old son. He loved them once we got the strap in his head correctly. We took him to a race track and we were in the front row and he was completely unbothered by the loud sounds. It canceled so much sound he actually fell asleep with them on and slept for almost an hour. The muffler were easy to adjust and easy to put on. My son hates things on his head and he didn't touch the muffs once. I will definitely be buy these again for my next little one. Highly recommended, 10/10!"

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Traveling with little ones can indeed be an incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling experience, brimming with joy, new discoveries, and cherished family moments. However, the rapid pressure changes within the airplane's cabin can trigger ear pain and discomfort, causing the little ones to feel uneasy. This discomfort often results in uncontrollable crying and fussiness, which in turn, can make the journey quite challenging.
HushHaven™ features earmuffs and an anti-slip elastic band that gently wraps around baby's head, keeping baby's ears snugly protected during travels. The noise-cancelling attribute effectively shield baby's ears from up to 23dB of noise and the BPA-free materials are safe and baby-friendly. Enjoy a seamless travel experience and rest assured knowing littles ones are safe and comfortable with HushHaven™!



✅ TRAVEL COMFORT: The anti-slip, soft elastic headband of HushHaven™ ensures a snug and secure fit for the earmuffs on baby's head. It effectively block out loud noises, making the travel environment more peaceful and cozy.

EFFECTIVE NOISE CANCELLING: HushHaven™ can shield babies' ears from up to 23dB of noise. It ensures that the auditory environment for little ones remains manageable creating a soothing atmosphere for babies to sleep peacefully.


✅ INNOVATIVE AND USER FRIENDLY DESIGN: The two earmuffs of HushHaven™ can be attached easily to the headband with 2 clicks and secured in the correct position. It ensures that the earmuffs can accommodate the growth of the baby's head over time.

✅ SAFE FOR USE: The soft elastic bands of HushHaven™ are made of polyester, and the paddings are made of PVC and PU materials. The BPA-free and non-toxic materials are extremely gentle on baby's skin, ensuring a safe experience for babies.


ERGONOMIC DESIGN: HushHaven™ earmuffs are specially designed to be compact and lightweight. This offers a practical solution for protecting the baby's hearing in noisy environments while being easy to transport and store.



We understand that bringing a baby on an airplane can be quite challenging. The sudden changes in pressure during the flight can make the baby's ears uncomfortable, causing them to feel uneasy and cry. Studies show that 62% of parents spend at least an hour trying to handle and soothe their baby during the flight.

Thankfully, HushHaven™ shields and keeps your little ones' ears comfortably safeguarded from loud noise. The anti-slip and elastic band is gentle on baby's head, providing a snug fit for earmuffs and creating a soothing environment for littles ones. With HushHaven™, experience the tranquility that comes from knowing your baby's ears are shielded from noise, all while enjoying the journey together.


Noise Reduction Rating: 23 dB

Weight: 0.100 kg

(1) x HushHaven Baby Earmuffs

(1) x English User Manual 


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