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SnailTrail™ - Baby Sensory Toy

"I was worried that my baby wasn’t crawling yet. But once I pulled out this toy, she instantly started to move. Its a great toy for tummy time. She loves the lights and music. My daughter loves it a lot! Very good toy to use as a distraction sometimes. Or for basic entertainment for guests with kids. 100% recommended! Very satisfied with my purchase!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Bernice Ratchner
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Tummy time plays a pivotal role in a baby's early development, fostering substantial progress in their physical, sensory, cognitive, and social-emotional domains. However, insufficient tummy time may affect a baby's ability to explore their environment and develop spatial awareness. This may lead to delays in crucial developmental milestones like crawling and rolling and could hinder the acquisition of vital motor skills.
SnailTrail™ operates on a slow rhythmic crawl, coupled with the radiant LED lights, keeps baby entertained and engaged during tummy time.  The soothing music and LED light captures babies' attention, promoting crawling and enhancing fine motor skills development.  Transform each tummy time into an unforgettable and delightful play experience with SnailTrail™!



✅ CRAWLING INCENTIVE: The crawling action ofSnailTrail™ with LED lights can serve as a motivation for babies to reach the toy or track its movements. This stimulation can foster increased crawling activity and tummy time for babies.

SENSORY STIMULATION:  SnailTrail™ has captivating LED lights that stimulate children's visual senses. The vibrant changing colors and patterns can be visually stimulating and engaging, making it a great sensory toy. 


ENHANCED LEARNING: SnailTrail™ incorporate educational songs that are carefully crafted to capture babies' curiosity. The musical feature facilitates early learning and language development by exposing babies to new sounds and words.

DEVELOP FINE MOTOR SKILLS:  Babies may reach out to touch or grab SnailTrail™, which can improve hand-eye coordination. This increases the ability to synchronize hand movements and engage in a fascinating process of learning.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The wheels' design of SnailTrail™ ensures that the snail toy can move effortlessly across different surfaces. It enhances the play experience and promotes exploration and engagement with the toy.



We understand that it can be challenging for parents to ensure that babies receive enough tummy time for their overall healthy development. However, amidst the multitude of responsibilities that come with caring for a child, parents may occasionally overlook the significance of this practice. Studies show that 54% of the parents are not aware of the recommended tummy time guidelines.

Thankfully, SnailTrail™ promotes increased tummy time for babies through its lively LED lights and crawling motions. The combination of music and lights motivates little ones to crawl towards it, reaching out and grasping it, which fosters the development of hand-eye coordination. Enhance your baby's tummy time experience and observe their joyful crawling with SnailTrail™!


Product Size: 14 cm (L) X 13 cm (H) X 10 cm (W)

Material: ABS + Silicone
Power Source: 3 X AAA Batteries (not included)

(1) x SnailTrail™ Baby Sensory Toy


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