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SoftHaven™ - Baby Wipes Warmer

"This wipe warmer is a life saver. My grandson doesn’t like when anything cold touches him when he wakes up, and he will wake up around 4 am every morning until SoftHaven! The temperature can be adjusted between 104℉-140℉. ;It warms up the wipes quickly, and it has an automatic shut off at 24 hrs so you don’t accidentally have this going all day when you don’t need it. It also doesn’t dry up the wipes too fast! The wipes also come out extremely easily out of this. 100% recommended!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Bernie Carroll
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Prioritizing a baby's comfort during diaper changes contributes to a nurturing and positive caregiving environment. Babies can feel uncomfortable, especially when cold wipes are used during diaper changes. The discomfort that babies may experience with cold wipes is due to the change in temperature and can also lead to startled reactions and an overall unpleasant experience.
SoftHaven™ utilizes intelligent temperature control to heat wet wipes to the perfect range of 40 to 60 degrees Celsius, ensuring a cozy and comfortable experience during baby diaper changes. The warmth sensation creates a calming effect, provides a soothing touch and safe for baby's delicate skin. Experience the joy of stress-free diaper changes, anytime and anywhere with SoftHaven™!



COMFORT FOR THE BABY:  The adjustable temperature of 40-60 degree Celcius of SoftHaven™ replicates the feeling of being swaddled or held. The sensation of warmth can help ease any initial discomfort caused by the diaper change. 

ACCURATE TEMPERATURE MONITORING: SoftHaven™ has a smart temperature display that allows accurate monitoring of the temperature of the wipes. All the wipes are at a safe and comfortable temperature for baby's sensitive skin.


PROMOTES RELAXATION:  SoftHaven™ has a calming effect on the baby's nervous system. It can help lower stress levels and create a sense of relaxation, which in turn makes diaper changes a more peaceful experience.

TIME-SAVING AND CONVENIENT:  The one-handed operation offers convenience by ensuring easy access and dispense of warm wipes. This ensures a smoothhassle-free and efficient diaper change experience. 

MAINTAIN MOISTURE OF WIPES:  The closure of SoftHaven™ is made up of moisture-resistant Polypropylene (PP). These components help create a relatively airtight seal, which preserves the moisture of the wipes.



We understand that it can be challenging for parents when babies get cranky during diaper changes. The uncomfortable feeling of cold wipes due to the sudden temperature change can feel surprising and unpleasant to the baby. Studies show that 58% of parents spend a longer time on diaper changing due to the need to soothe their babies and ensure a comfortable experience.

Thankfully,  SoftHaven™ guarantees that your little one experiences a sense of security and satisfaction through the uniformity of each warm wipe. The smart temperature display and one-handed operation makes diaper changing routine a breeze and time-saving. With SoftHaven™, say hello to peaceful diaper change experiences, one warm wipe at a time!


Product Size: 20 cm (L) X 12 cm (W) X 9.8cm (H)

Weight: 0.35 kg
Power Source: USB 

(1) x SoftHaven Baby Wipes Warmer

(1) x English User Manual 


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